Scholarship Opportunities

creating equal opportunity by breaking down financial barriers to sport

Blue Devils strongly believes in the importance of sport for each and every individual, as it helps young athletes develop important life skills such as discipline and work ethic, as well as improve physical and mental health through physical activity and supportive relationships.


Therefore we also believe that ALL athletes deserve equal right to participate in athletics, and so we offer scholarship opportunities to reduce the financial barriers to sport participation.

If you feel passionate about Track and Field, and would like to participate in our Youth or Development programs, we have Scholarship Opportunities available to mitigate the cost of our coaching, Athletics Ontario Memberships, meet entries, and equipment.

We offer 20 Scholarship Opportunities in total:

- 5 spots in our Development Mid-Distance / Distance Program

- 5 spots in our Development Sprints / Hurdles / Jumps Program

- 10 spots in our Youth (Junior & Senior) Program

To find out if you are eligible for our Scholarship Opportunities, please fill out the Scholarship Application attached below, submit it to and contact us. If you have any issues with the completion of the Scholarship Application, reach out to us! Our overall goal is to break down the financial barriers to sport and get young athletes running.