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bdac x zone w fitness 

High Performance Camp


A combination of strength, speed, and power training taught by our highest level Track and Field coaches as well as our Strength and Conditioning coaches, creates a well-rounded athlete development camp for emerging athletes.

This camp offers foundational skills for athletes in team, field, and court sports where athletes want to learn the fundamentals of sprinting, agility, and strength training for sport performance. 

CAMP Dates & costs

Summer Camp

Week 1 - Monday July 15 to Friday July 19, 2024.

9:30am - 2:30pm 
(comprised of a morning strength session and an afternoon track/field session)



Zone W Fitness gym + Monarch Park Stadium track & field

1 Parkmount Road, Toronto ON

Weekly Curriculum

Monday - Evaluation

Tuesday - Linear Speed Development, Bilateral Movements

Wednesday - Multi-Direction & Agility Development, Dynamic Effort

Thursday - Absolute Speed Development, Unilateral Strength

Friday - Re-Evaluation, Integration (Game-Play)

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