Development Program

Ages 14+

Quality. Speed. Hard Work.

Our Development Program raises athlete performance to a competitive level, offering year-round programming, strength training, and event-specific workouts. We prepare our athletes for provincial and national competition, and to transition into the University and College racing scene. In addition, we help athletes develop useful tools for balancing both academics and athletics through improving work-ethic, time-management skills, and consistent preparation. Blue Devils Athletes train to achieve in sport, in school, and in life.

Long-Term Athlete Development.

As athletes grow, it is important to adapt their programs to suit their developmental needs.  The Blue Devils Coaches use proper training protocols that are recognized by Athletics Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) which highlights vital stages for maximizing train-ability.  The focus shifts from our traditional philosophy of FUNdamentals to a stronger focus on  Training to Compete so athletes can reach their full potential and achieve their individual goals. Individual athletic performance will continue to improve across multiple events, while still keeping fun at the centre of our practice environment!


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Distance & Mid-distance 800m, 1500m, 3000m, Cross Country 

These athletes are encouraged to train 3-5 days each week; our three team practices with one or two additional easy aerobic, "mileage," runs. Each team practice will have a different focus to optimize all of the energy systems required to succeed at events ranging from 800m all the way up to 10k, including VO2max and critical velocity on Mondays, tempo-based efforts on Wednesday, and specific anaerobic speed on Fridays. We integrate a high level of focus on movement quality, we maximize running efficiency and minimize the risk of running-related injuries through in-depth drills, mobility, and strength.

Sprints 100m, 200m, 400m

These athletes learn and develop all of the skills and abilities essential for success in sprinting, ranging from the indoor 60m to the outdoor 400m. Across three team practices per week, each has a slightly different focus on acceleration, max velocity, and aerobic and anaerobic endurance. All workouts include a high proportion of skill development essential for sprinting, including proper acceleration and upright running mechanics, block starts, and tactical racing strategies for success across all sprinting events.  

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Jumps Long Jump, Triple Jump

An excellent introduction to athletes of all experiences, we teach the foundations and intricacies of the horizontal jumps events. We focus on the acquisition of skills for success during jump competition and training, including the approach, take-off mechanics, bounding, flight mechanics, and sand pit landing. These skills are preceded by a safe and gradual conditioning and mastery of the fundamentals, which underpins continual improvement and success in the horizontal jumps. Jump-specific sessions occur twice each week in tandem with the sprints program (speed is essential for jumps success!), for a total of three team practices each week.

Hurdles 100mH, 400mH

These athletes learn the fundamentals of both short (110mH) and long (400mH) hurdles by focusing on proper dynamic movement and rhythm, learning to glide effortlessly over the barriers regardless of a 3-step or greater pattern (depending on the athlete's ability). These athletes develop a high level of mobility, speed, and coordination in training for the hurdles, resulting in explosive and rhythmic runners. Hurdles-specific practices occur twice per week in tandem with the sprints program, for a total of three team practices each week.  



  • Yearly Membership $1,200 +HST  

          (includes all 3 seasons)


  • Seasonal Membership $550 +HST

*Blue Devils offers Scholarship Opportunities to breakdown the financial barriers to track & field participation!

The Seasons.

Indoor t&F Season 

November - March

Fall T&F / XC Season
September - November
Outdoor t&F Season
April - July

Birchmount​ Stadium

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Variety Village

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Birchmount Stadium

Monday, Wednesday & Friday